Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, applications are welcomed from individuals new to the profession and we can offer you support and opportunities to help you develop your career.

“Life Fellow”’ is the highest professional grade an applicant can be awarded on joining NIIS.

Yes absolutely! Over time many of our members move through different membership grades as their experience and professional development progresses. We would encourage you to take a long-term view to membership, the positive contribution you can make to the security profession and your own continual professional development.

Yes, if you work alongside security professionals or if you are just starting out on your security career, you are welcome to join as a student member; to enable you take our Certified Security Specialist (CSS) professional program, with the opportunity to progress through our membership grades (should you wish to) as your career develops.

We have 8 professional grades of membership:-

  • Student Member (SNIIS)
  • Graduate Member. (GNIIS)
  • Associate Member. (ANIIS)
  • Full Member. (MNIIS)
  • Senior Member. (SMNIIS)
  • Fellow. (FNIIS)
  • Senior Fellow. (SFNIIS)
  • Life Fellow. (LFNIIS)

Application Process

We complete applications within two weeks of receipt. Once received, your application will be reviewed by the NIIS Board . Following the meeting, the Board’s recommendations must be approved by the Board of Directors and once the submitted documents are vetted and all information you provided are verified, a letter to confirm your membership would be sent.

There is a one-off Application Fee payable with application for each grade of membership and you will be invoiced for your first year’s annual membership renewal fee once your membership grade has been confirmed. Application fee for the following grades are as follows:

  • Student Member = ₦ N/A Annual subscription fee = N/A
  • Graduate Member = ₦ N/A = ₦15,000
  • Associate Member = ₦ 50,000 =₦15,000
  • Full Member. = ₦ 50,000 =₦15,000
  • Senior Member. = ₦ 50,000 = ₦15,000
  • Fellow. = ₦ 150,000 = ₦30,000
  • Senior Fellow. = ₦ 150,000 = ₦30,000
  • Life Fellow. N/A N/A

Photocopies of your credentials; copies of any qualifications and training course certificates (where available) which have been relevant to your security career, If you have served in the armed forces or police service, then please also provide a copy of your certificate of service. An updated CV, Letter of reference from applicant’s employee or institution indicating date of employment/enrolment and present position/level of study in school and a passport photograph.

Definitely not, it is rather an excellent opportunity to broaden your professional network and provide you with tools and opportunities to assist your career and grab available job opportunities.

Yes, it will. If you are currently serving or retired, please include details of the ranks you held together with dates of promotion. If retired from police service, please provide a copy of your Certificate of Service.

Yes, it does. If you are currently serving or retired, please provide details of your service postings, ranks, promotion dates and highlight any periods where specific security management responsibilities were held. Where possible please provide a copy of your certificate of service.

As far back as your memory will allow! Please include the details of any securityrelated training that you have undertaken.

Where available yes please, but if you no longer have the certificate or certificates weren’t issued then please still include the details within the form.

As a well-recognized Institute, our membership certificate can be used for professional upliftments such as; Promotions, getting good jobs. Being a member of NIIS has been mentioned in top Company vacancies as one of the requirements for recruiting their security personnel. (And we have had testimonies too)